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Re: How is typical home computer used today?

Lisi Reisz wrote:
On Thursday 11 December 2014 14:48:41 Richard Owlett wrote:
The OP correctly phrased the question as "How is typical home
computer used today?"
As I'm the OP, I should know. <GRIN>

If we had trouble understanding it, then you did *NOT* correctly phrase the

And you have *STILL* not said what you mean by typical, which is meaningless.

Nor have you said what you mean by a home computer.

typical - definition of typical by The Free Dictionary
typ·i·cal (t p-k l) adj. 1. Exhibiting the qualities, traits, or characteristics that identify a kind, class, group, or category: a typical suburban community.

Home dictionary definition | home defined
The definition of home is something that relates to or happens inside the place where a person or family resides.

I do hope I do not to define computer.
You folks over-complicate things that are apparent at face value.

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