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Re: Two monitors on a Matrox G450.

peter@easthope.ca wrote:

> A CRT monitor and an IBM flat monitor are connected to a Matrox G450
> adapter.  Both monitors display the command line interface.  With X
> running, the monitor on output 1 is active; the monitor on output 2
> indicates absence of signal.  If the monitors are swapped across the
> output connectors, output 2 continues to indicate absence of a signal
> while output 1 works.  From that I conclude that the monitors are OK.

> * Do the following reports help to localize the problem to the video 
> adapter or to software?  
> * "Failed to get size of gamma for output default"?
> * Other ideas?

Dual-Monitor wirh a G450 only works with a binary-only HAL from Matrox
(no longer available) which must be compatible with your X-Version. 

Conclusion: Dual-Monitor with a G450 on a newer Debian Version than
maybe Lenny or Etch is not possible.



Sigmentation fault. Core dumped.

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