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Re: [minor bitch] about the panel (taskbar) LXDE

On Mi, 10 dec 14, 13:57:01, Harry Putnam wrote:
> Andrei POPESCU <andreimpopescu@gmail.com> writes:
> > So far every application *except xterm* I have tried has the same icon 
> > in the top left corner of its window as well as the taskbar. I tried GTK 
> > as well as Qt applications. To me this seems to indicate a bug in xterm 
> > rather than lxpanel.
> I maybe mis-interpreting your meaning above.  Do you mean you see the
> generic icon I posted both in corner of applicaitons and on the
> application indicator in taskbar?   That is, you see NONE of the icons
> applications are supposed to have in either place?

Sorry, let me try to rephrase this: except for xterm, all applications 
I've tried show *their own* icon, in both the top left corner of the 
window as well as the panel.

The xterm window has its own icon in the top left corner (a big red 'X' 
with a blue 'T' on top), but only a generic icon in the panel.

Kind regards,
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