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[minor bitch] about the panel (taskbar) LXDE

Running jessie
    Using an lxde desktop... for a long time now

(Note: for lack of a fuller vocabulary, the word icon is used to cover
a few different things below:)

(Attached at bottom is a screen grab showing what I'm talking about)

Some mnths ago (not sure how many) the icons (running program
indicators) that appear in the bottom (taskbar like ) panel changed
from showing icons of the running program such as the emacs icon,
xterm icon, vim icon etc. to just showing a generic icon and text,
making it hard to identify witch icon is which program quickly.

You can stop and and hold cursor on an icon (running program
indicator) to see the full text it has, which will identify the
program in most cases or you can click the panel entry and see which
diplayed window iconizes or opens, but it used to be just a glance
would tell you.

Further, some indicators still show the regular icon.  One I notice is

I'd like the old behavior back but have no idea how to start digging
into it.

Perhaps it is an icon package or something ...

hopefully someone here will know something about it...

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