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RE: Skipping fsck during boot with systemd?

Hi Rick,

>> Actually, THAT is the very reason we ask for the option to be able to cancel a running fsck. You can never predict
>> EVERY situation when fsck would be run but needed to be avoided.
>> Maybe I asked a non tech to simply turn on the machine, how technical does one need to be to do that.
>>  I would most certainly instruct such a person to NOT make any choices during boot but let it run with the default.
>> All those suggestions with auto changing the boot options would not help and the system would run fsck.
>> With modern harddisk sizes that would pretty much guarantee that the disk would be >500GB or
>> even >1TB. That person would then call me and I would know exactly what is going on but my
>> only choice would be to say, touch luck, just wait. Too bad you will now be too late for .....
> Keep in mind that interrupting fsck is regarded as a very very bad practice by every link 
> brought by a google search using key words "interrupting fsck". All sorts of doom to your
> file system is predicted in each. It's been that way since I first installed Linux via
> Slackware floppies. I can't imagine ALL of them being stupid. :) Ric

First, we are talking about a preemptive scan just done after x days / boots have passed, just to see if anything iks wrong, right? This should be a readonly scan.
I would considder when there is a problem and a repair action is running to be a different situation.
And, hitting Ctrl-C should do a normal ending of any write action, it is not a hard power cycle.

Bonno Bloksma

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