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Re: File & folder clean up

On 09/12/2014 20:24, Bob Proulx wrote:
B. M. wrote:
Short Summary:
How can I find files which parent folders have the same name?
Assuming that at least some of these files are in parent folders with
the same name, do you know any tool which can help in finding them and
moving them around?

The 'find' program is the standard utility to find files.  GNU find
includes a regex (regular expression) extension.  I think it should do
what you want.


additionally you can install a graphical interface to do most of the "find" work for you, it is named "fslint". I wasted countless hours writing a script and reinventing the wheel a few years ago, for a case similar to yours, before I discovered "fslint". It doesn't do magic if the files are all written to though, like in my case all files were edited at random, and some had been renamed, so "newer" version could be any (checksum + timestamp), or none (merge) of them. In those occasion "Unison" or "fslint" or plain "find" can help triage things but manual inspection is still often required.

Have fun.

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