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File & folder clean up

Hi all,

Short Summary:
How can I find files which parent folders have the same name?

Long version:
For a friend of mine I'm helping with tidying up his files and folders.
What he basically did in the past was copying folders several times like
for (bad) backups... So many files have been copied a few times,
everything was quite a mess.

As a first step I put everything into a new folder tree, modified the
mtimes by some decades to reflect which files should be preferred and
deleted duplicate files using fdupes afterwards, then I deleted all
empty folders.

Now there is the new "target folder tree" where most of the files are
already correctly sorted in, but there are also the "sparse folders"
left - i.e. folders where most of the files are already deleted, but
some are still left.

Assuming that at least some of these files are in parent folders with
the same name, do you know any tool which can help in finding them and
moving them around?

Thanks a lot!

All the best.

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