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Re: Replacing systemd in Jessie

On 12/06/2014 04:56 PM, Patrick Bartek wrote:
On Sat, 06 Dec 2014, Andrei POPESCU wrote:

On Lu, 01 dec 14, 23:05:09, Patrick Bartek wrote:

Well, we already know what a lot of Debian server admins think of

Care to back this up with some data?

Why?  You've read this list regarding systemd and Debian same as I.
Surely, you have formed some opinions.  Or are no patterns in the
discussions apparent to you?

If I were to present them all, I'd get another nasty-gram from Mr. Armstrong. Let's just say that within the next year, we'll see who has the brain and leave it at that.

I trust the Debian developers to make correct decisions. It's all I can do, as I'm not personally paying them to do what I want done. :) Ric

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