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Re: no microphone in skype

On Sat, Dec 6, 2014 at 12:45 PM, Hans <hans.ullrich@loop.de> wrote:
> Am Samstag, 6. Dezember 2014, 18:34:55 schrieb Andreas Weber:
> Latest Skype should work with pulseaudio.

Do you have a working version of Skype? If so, can you give me the
exact versions of skype, pulseaudio you are using? How is your
microphone connected (USB?)? What model of microphone do you have that
is working with Skype? How did you configure the sound devices? Did
you have to make any changes in the "Open PulseAudio Volume Control"
box or it did it work out of the box.

There are so many variables here and just saying "it should work" is
not helping.

> To get the old skype (version 4.2)
> running, which can be used with alsa, use the workaround, I found out:
> 1. Install latest skype.
> 2. Enter username ans password, and, very important, activate autologin. This
> way you get automatically connected, whenever you start skype.
> 3. Deinstall latest skype, and reinstall skype version 4.2.
> 4. Now you can start skype-4.2, and get connected.
> 5. Do never logout!
> 6. Hint: I extracted the skype binary from the latest package and put it into
> my ~/home folder. If I got accoidently logged out, I just start ./skype from
> my ~/home, log in and kill this skype process. Then relogin with the 4.2-
> version.

This does not make sense at all. Why is installing and removing Skype necessary before installing 4.2? Why is it necessary to
activate autologin.

Can you please give me the output of the following command on your machine?

$ dpkg -l \*skype\* \*pulseaudio\* \*alsa\* | grep ^ii

In my case, I have

ii  alsa-base                  1.0.25+3     all          ALSA driver
configuration files
ii  alsa-utils          amd64        Utilities for
configuring and using ALSA
ii  libsox-fmt-alsa:amd64      14.4.1-4     amd64        SoX alsa
format I/O library
ii  pulseaudio                 5.0-13       amd64        PulseAudio sound server
ii  pulseaudio-module-x11      5.0-13       amd64        X11 module
for PulseAudio sound server
ii  pulseaudio-utils           5.0-13       amd64        Command line
tools for the PulseAudio sound server
ii  skype               i386         Wherever you
are, wherever they are

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