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Re: no microphone in skype

Am Samstag, 6. Dezember 2014, 16:46:29 schrieb kamaraju kusumanchi:
> Do you have a working version of Skype? If so, can you give me the
> exact versions of skype, pulseaudio you are using? How is your
> microphone connected (USB?)? What model of microphone do you have that
> is working with Skype? How did you configure the sound devices? Did
> you have to make any changes in the "Open PulseAudio Volume Control"
> box or it did it work out of the box

Yes, they are working both. But I am using alsa, as pulseaudio is not starting 
properly after a reboot. A hardware problem here with kde.

> There are so many variables here and just saying "it should work" is
> not helping.
As I said, I got both running, the latest one with pulseaudio and the prior 
one with alsa (with my workaround).

> > To get the old skype (version 4.2)
> > running, which can be used with alsa, use the workaround, I found out:
> > 
> > 1. Install latest skype.
> > 2. Enter username ans password, and, very important, activate autologin.
> > This way you get automatically connected, whenever you start skype.
> > 3. Deinstall latest skype, and reinstall skype version 4.2.
> > 4. Now you can start skype-4.2, and get connected.
> > 5. Do never logout!
> > 6. Hint: I extracted the skype binary from the latest package and put it
> > into my ~/home folder. If I got accoidently logged out, I just start
> > ./skype from my ~/home, log in and kill this skype process. Then relogin
> > with the 4.2- version.
> This does not make sense at all. Why is installing and removing Skype
> necessary before installing 4.2? Why is it necessary to
> activate autologin.
It makes sense, as I just need the latest one to create the keys for the 
connection, but need the prior one for using it with alsa.

> Can you please give me the output of the following command on your machine?
> $ dpkg -l \*skype\* \*pulseaudio\* \*alsa\* | grep ^ii

Sorry, as I said, I do not use pulseaudio, but alsa.



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