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Re: no microphone in skype

Am Samstag, 6. Dezember 2014, 18:34:55 schrieb Andreas Weber:

Latest Skype should work with pulseaudio. To get the old skype (version 4.2) 
running, which can be used with alsa, use the workaround, I found out:

1. Install latest skype.
2. Enter username ans password, and, very important, activate autologin. This 
way you get automatically connected, whenever you start skype.
3. Deinstall latest skype, and reinstall skype version 4.2.
4. Now you can start skype-4.2, and get connected.
5. Do never logout! 
6. Hint: I extracted the skype binary from the latest package and put it into 
my ~/home folder. If I got accoidently logged out, I just start ./skype from 
my ~/home, log in and kill this skype process. Then relogin with the 4.2-

But at all: Skype is a pita, and pay attention to their new rules starting at 
january 2015! Look for an alternative.


> On 2014-12-06 05:28, Gary Dale wrote:
> > The problem is that Skype uses proprietary codecs and closed-source
> > code. They're simply not very good at keeping it working with Linux.
> Skype _is_ the problem. Try out Iceweasel/Firefox 34 and its built-in
> WebRTC - it works perfectly. At the moment you don't even need a login.
> Or simply use Hangouts. There's no need anymore for sticking with
> Microsoft coden on Linux if you want video calls and destop sharing.
> HTH, ändu

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