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Re: Purging a package............... (and apt-config processing order)

2014-11-25 05:14 keltezéssel, The Wanderer írta:
>> I don't know whether /etc/apt/apt.conf is processed before fragments
>> in /etc/apt/apt.conf.d  - but I'd be interested in learning.
>> Anyone??
> Now that you bring it up, I'd be interested in that myself. Fortunately,
> it's trivially discoverable:
> $ strace apt-get --dry-run autoremove &> /tmp/apt-dryrun-autoremove.strace
> $ grep apt.conf /tmp/apt-dryrun-autoremove.strace
> I'm not going to paste the output here, but apparently the fragment
> files are processed first.
Perhaps 'apt-config dump' command helps to find out the proper order.

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