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Re: engineering management practices and systemd (Re: Installing an Alternative Init?)

2014/11/14 23:12 "Tanstaafl" <tanstaafl@libertytrek.org>:
> On 11/14/2014 5:26 AM, Andrei POPESCU <andreimpopescu@gmail.com> wrote:
> > It was claimed that sysvinit was the default *and only* (emphasis not
> > mine) init, and therefore no selection was needed, but now that there
> > are several a selection suddenly is needed.
> I don't recall claiming that sysvinit was the *only* init, nor do I
> recall anyone else making such a claim.
> I merely pointed out that it was the *default* for many, many years
> (actual time unknown and googling didn't easily reveal it).
> > I was just pointing out that alternatives were indeed available, for
> > quite some time,
> Yes, but obviously no one was switching often enough for any bugs to
> allow for easy switching to be opened/scratched.
> My very simple point is and has been that, *because* the *default* init
> system for debian has been sysvinit since anyone can apparently
> remember, the very act of even *suggesting* that it be switched in
> jessie to not only a *different*, but a (relatively) *very new* one,
> should have invoked a very simple requirement - for which the
> responsibility for implementation and maintenance would be on those
> calling for the switch - to provide a means for easily switching back
> and forth so that everyone else could easily test things, and
> ultimately, after the release of jessie with the new default, provide a
> means to easily choose the previous default installer at both update
> *and* install time, and maintain such at *least* during the life of the
> jessie (if not jessie+1).
> > it's just that maintainers and users of alternate inits did not yell
> > at the sysvinit maintainers to implement the choice for them.
> And I would argue that the number of people who did switch was probably
> miniscule, with respect to the entire debian user base.

And maybe we can tie some points together here:

Those who have switched init systems without install-level support from the debian community have generally not made claims like, "It worked for me, so why should you complain if I try really hard to see that you end up switching, too, without having a chance to get ready, much less choose?"

Joel Rees

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