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Re: Doubt about the release-fitness of a package (gfax)

On Sunday 09 November 2014 11:12:52 Ralph Aichinger wrote:
> I just tried to install gfax (in sid), and it crashed on me just as
> described in bug 651160.
> I want to straddle the fine line between "me me me"-type severity inflation
> and a genuine feeling that this package should not end up in stable
> jessie in its current state. And I do not only want to ask about that
> one package, but what is the right thing to do as a user if one finds
> bugs like these.

I have hit a failure in my understanding of the freeze process and would be 
grateful if someone could explain it to me.

If gfax in Sid is not fit for release, why does this have any effect on Jessie 
which is frozen, which I thought basically means that nothing new can come up 
from Sid?  This is what I have obviously got wrong.


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