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Re: Installing an Alternative Init?

On Thu 13 Nov 2014 at 10:49:44 +0100, Amodelo wrote:

> I am also not interested in testing an ugly work-around (install
> unwanted A, replace it by B). My servers seem to have similar
> configurations like those of Miles Fidelman.

Considering that the Holy Grail of fixing #668001 for Jessie is utterly
remote you do yourself no favours by not testing it if you want another
init at first boot of a new system. 

> I definitely want a straight upgrade path with a minimum of problems,
> and a minimum of wasted time. That’s why I choosed Debian.

This thread is not about upgrading but about installing Jessie with an
init other than systemd without first installing systemd. One of the
claims is that there is no functional difference between installing
sysvinit-core before or after first boot. Your lack of interest in
testing is hardly evidence against the claim.

> Exchanging an unwanted package is wasted time and unnecessary risk.

I think it is kinda neat, myself. All that happens is that dpkg removes
systemd-sysv and installs sysvinit-core. This is about as basic a
procedure as it gets on a Debian system. You would have to lack an awful
lot of faith in dpkg and provide supporting evidence of any misbehaviour
to drawback from doing it.

> If Debian ignores the needs of the users, they will give up using
> Debian sooner or later.

Most users who want what the OP wants will merely sigh and get on with

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