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Re: INTEL HD Graphics

* On 2014 07 Nov 20:54 -0600, Man_Without_Clue wrote:
> Does anybody know if Intel HD 4600 or higher is supported by Debian or
> distro?

Funny you should ask.  I am setting up a box with an Intel HD 4600 video
controller and while it works just fine on Sid.  I can display a single
monitor on either the VGA or Displayport or using both outputs a
stretched desktop.  However, the box this is replacing uses a dual-port
Radeon controller and I use ZaphodHeads to have two independent

The Intel driver is supposed to support ZaphodHeads since version 2.20
or so but so far I've not had a bit of success.  I will be subscribing
to the intel-gfx list and post my question there.  However, if someone
here has some pointers, I'll gladly use them.  :-)

- Nate


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