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Re: forks, derivatives, other distros - what are you thinking/doing

On 5 November 2014 14:32, Miles Fidelman <mfidelman@meetinghouse.net> wrote:

I'm a clueless end user with two laptops, one large boat-anchor Dell
i5 that is my 'typing box' and another X60 that I actually carry
round. Sid gives me a fully functional desktop that runs well on an 8
year old laptop with 2Gb of ram. Amazing really.

> 1. What are your issues, reasons for doing so - general and/or specific?

Vague sense of unease at the rate and direction of technical change,
not limited to init system and associated daemons and services.

> 2. What are you considering, evaluating, or otherwise thinking about?

Considering for typing box: Getting off the escalator for a couple of
years by using gNewSense (Debian based fully libre distro. V3 based on
Squeeze, forthcoming V4 based on Wheezy). I have a wifi card that uses
a fully free driver on the Dell.

Considering for X60: WM ontop of X with systemv and pmount for the
laptop I carry round. Printing not really needed. See


> 3. What other options/initiatives are you aware of that you've discarded or
> otherwise are not considering, and why?

OpenBSD 5.6 very nice, but little advantage over WM + Jessie with
pmount. (toad/daemons for auto-mount breaks suspend on my hardware).

OpenIndiana (Illumos kernel) very interesting and educational to try,
but really 2005 ish. Booted and installed fine on a testing laptop.
Killer was font rendition, suspend and available applications. Yes, I
am an end user :-)

Keith Burnett

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