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Re: INTEL HD Graphics

On Fri, Nov 7, 2014 at 6:52 PM, Man_Without_Clue <love.chaser@gmail.com> wrote:
> Does anybody know if Intel HD 4600 or higher is supported by Debian or
> distro?
> I have seen numerous postings about problems with Intel with Linux even with
> Ubuntu...
> Anybody using Intel on Debian?

I don't know where you have seen these reports, but Intel drivers are certainly
the best OSS ones around and likely better than either Nvidia or AMD closed
drivers. (The exception being older Atoms with GMA500, which were actually
PowerVR chips, and have terrible support. Or the truly ancient Intel vga
controllers (Pentium 4 era))

I had an Intel GMA X3000 (Core 2 era), I now have Intel HD 4000
(Ivy Bridge), and they work wonderfully.

Intel always introduces support for new graphics into the kernel and X/Mesa
long before they become available, and they fund more X and Mesa
development than just about anyone.

As far as specifics, kernels since 3.12 at least should be in good condition
for Haswell gpus (HD 4600) and Mesa support has been around since 9.2

So with Testing/Jessie on Mesa 10.3 and Kernel 3.16 everything should be great.

Broadwell support took a little longer than usual to get really solid, but
with those releases should be fine. Might still get performance improvements
with newer...

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