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New 64bit Installation--Next Round: /var

1. Now that I have / on a large enough place to not worry over it (and /opt 
and /usr/local are bound to folders on the over-sized home partition), now 
time to deal with /var. Given a mere 2.7g, enough for a couple of KDE users 
and a number of apt downloads. Can easily go over 90% for large upgrades.

So I tried moving it as well to the home and binding. Rebooted, system came up 
just fine(?) but I could not log into KDE. Got the error box about not able to 
access some tmp ... may space is full. This is usually caused by permission 
problems. Did sudo rsync -ax foul me up somehow? Or is there a problem 
accessing the tmp areas in this manner? Anyway, reverted, luckily without any 
problems. Ideas?

Other alternative here is to move /usr to a nice partition waiting for it and 
then use the now free partition for a 3x larger area for /var. If moving the 
filesystem was problematic, might still be so.

2. Those mount --bind and some mount loops to squashfs data are now on my 
/etc/rc.local. The might be better served on /etc/fstab? Syntax?

3. Noticed more postings about grief with that little / partition from the 
install--the partition sizes are just those. Please, whoever is setting up the 
Debian install, take note.

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