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avoiding the "press control+D to continue" when there is a minor problem


I tried the idea exposed by PaulNM here to fix an inode exhaustion: https://lists.debian.org/debian-user/2014/07/msg01588.html

My implementation seems to be wrong, and I was not smart enough to try on a normal desktop. Plus, I had to reboot it because of a kernel version problem (the booted version was not the correct one, the needed virtualbox module was not existing). So, when rebooting it, the computer went to the "type root password or control+D to continue", which made me unable to use it without a physical access, because it was not able to find /var/cache/apt-cacher-ng.img (I guess it is because it tries to mount everything at the same time, and that it's not sequential, so /var is still empty. I should be able to find a workaround for this.).

So, is there is any way to avoid being stuck in this step, to make the system at least try to boot? I know that it would probably imply probably a lot of flaws, and that it would probably be a wrong idea, but I am curious about that.

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