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Re: New 64bit Installation. Root partition too small--what to do?

On Sunday 27 July 2014 23:45:44 debian-user-digest-request@lists.debian.org 
> > My older 1-terra drive has bad blocks. I can partition around them and use
> > it but one a disk has begun to ... well, maybe best to junk it.
> Wipe and recycle it.
Disk has one region (that I know of) with errors.
I can partition so this region is not used.

Is there some utility to repair it?
Is this sickness like to spread?

> > I have an older
> > 80g IDE will just keeps going and going. / can go there is I cannot
> > achieve
> > any other alternative.
> I have several 80 GB IDE HDD's that I use as system drives/ spares. 
> They have been very reliable.

Temporarily, should do just fine.
Easy to move using lilo :-)

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