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Re: systemd waisted 5 hours of my work time today

On 2014-07-25 22:33 +0200, Bob Holtzman wrote:

> On Fri, Jul 25, 2014 at 02:45:28PM +0100, Brian wrote:
>        .......snip......
>> Be resolute! Be bold! Plan ahead with November in mind. Read
>>    https://lists.debian.org/87mwc9gfsw.fsf@xoog.err.no
>> very, very carefully. If it is important to you keep an eye on what is
>> happening in the systemd-shim world.
> I'd love to except that it's "not fund on this server".

Works for me.

> Besides, it doesn't look like any url I've ever seen. Typo?

No, the part after the last slash is a Message-ID, see

Here's what I am redirected to:


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