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New 64bit Installation. Root partition too small--what to do?

Yes, indeed. I previously complained about its partitioning with little 
capability to revise it! (I did not use LVM because it put everything in one 
big physical partition which I also did not like.)

So, want to install a more recent kernel? No room.

While I was able to bind /opt and /usr/local to folders on my /home partition 
(which is most all of the disk!), root obviously cannot be so bound. Must be 
available to boot. (No huge loss with no /opt or local available to start.)

So now, what can I do, short of moving everything to another disk (this is the 
one which had unwritable block which necessitated the new install!)??
Could I move /var like I did /opt, etc (probably a good idea) and move rootfs 
to there? Would know how to set it up in lilo but in grub?

Must have at least one fully working kernel around before trying any other and 
cannot fulfill this at present! :-(

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