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Re: VLC error polluting terminal ( was: Re: testing-dedicated ML? ( was Re: End of hypocrisy ? ) )

On 20140722_1037+0200, berenger.morel@neutralite.org wrote:
> Le 22.07.2014 00:00, Paul E Condon a écrit :
> >Please help.
> Wow nice off-topic... I have no idea about where this is related to
> the question of the interest of splitting debian-user ML into a
> stable and a testing ML...
> Anyway, we can guess from what you posted that you have started vlc
> somewhere.
> To add to what other have replied, I guess that you have started VLC
> with the same terminal you use for mutt, with an invocation like this
> "vlc &".
> If I'm right, then those messages are "normal", you summoned VLC from
> a terminal, VLC use it as stdin, stdout and stderr. For a reason I do
> not know, it have some problems with some requests which has been
> sent to it, so it complains on it's stderr.
> There are more than one solutions:
> * start VLC from another terminal or a graphic stuff(alt+F2 is a
> common shortcut under linux's DEs to summon a dialog to start
> things), so that it won't pollute your mutt terminal
> * start VLC through nohup, like this "$ nohup vlc&"
> * start VLC and redirect it standard outputs (which is what nohup
> does) for example into /dev/null: "$ vlc >/dev/null 2>/dev/null &"
> Hope it helps.
> Since we are here, if you are a terminal user, you might find mpd +
> mpc (and other frontends like ario, ncmpcpp, lot of widgets to pin on
> taskbars, and lot of other clients) interesting. The stronger point
> about mpd+mpc is that you'll be able to integrate it into your window
> manager, because mpd is a daemon and mpc a command-line tool, so it's
> damn easy to bind mpc to the shortcuts you want.
> For videos, you might use mplayer or mpv, which are more specialized
> and so lighter than VLC.

I use xfce4 and gnome-terminal for reading mail in Mutt. I know that I
am on a mailing list that emails me links to youtube. This phenom has
started after a recent reinstall of Wheezy using v7.6 netinst CD. I
keep terminal windows open for long periods of time, including the
window for Mutt. Switching Mutt to a newly opened gnome-terminal
window made the problem go away. I haven't yet received an email from
the youtube list, or otherwise done something that might make it
reappear, but I think my fears of an alien invasion of my Wheezy have
been laid to rest. But actually eliminating the underling problem can
wait until I have more time and can think.

Concerning burying my request for help in an existing thread. I used
Emacs to delete the reply-to header line and thought that would be
enough. Obviously, not. I have learned yet another thing not to do. I

Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou.
Paul E Condon           

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