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Re: Nouveau Resume from Suspend/Hibernate Screen Corruption

On 2014-07-22 05:29:48 +0000, Dan Sommers wrote:
> I just upgraded from the proprietary nvidia video driver to nouveau, and

I wouldn't call that an upgrade (except that nouveau is free).

> now I am experiencing another variation of a screen corruption issue
> when resuming from suspend/hibernate.  When I resume, the screen saver
> takes over, and then I enter my password, and everything seems to work,
> except that the display is all messed up.  I can see the outlines of
> windows, menus, terminal cursors, and other UI elements, but large
> patches of window content is either just black, or looks like random
> noise, or sort of looks recognizable but not quite.

Something related to the following bug?


I plan to switch to the nvidia driver because of this bug.

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