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Nouveau Resume from Suspend/Hibernate Screen Corruption


I just upgraded from the proprietary nvidia video driver to nouveau, and
now I am experiencing another variation of a screen corruption issue
when resuming from suspend/hibernate.  When I resume, the screen saver
takes over, and then I enter my password, and everything seems to work,
except that the display is all messed up.  I can see the outlines of
windows, menus, terminal cursors, and other UI elements, but large
patches of window content is either just black, or looks like random
noise, or sort of looks recognizable but not quite.

If I log out, lightdm comes up just fine, and then everything is okay.

When the screen is messed up, none of xrefresh, xrandr, or switching to
a different virtual terminal fixes it.

My /var/log/Xorg.0.log file is about 32k, so I hesitate to post it in
its entirety, but I can do so if it will help, or I can search for
specific information and just post that.

Hardware-wise, I'm running on a Sager NP-8130, aka Clevo P151HM1.  The
video card is an nVIDIA GeForce GTX 560M.  Kernel-wise, I'm running
3.14.12-1 straight out of Debian's "testing" distribution.

What other information can I provide?  Any thoughts or suggestions?


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