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Re: What do you guys use instead of youtube-dl and minitube?

On 07/12/2014 02:26 PM, Siard wrote:
Steve Litt wrote:
As far as I can see, Wheezy has no package for either youtube-dl or
minitube. What are you guys using to fill that need?

AFAIR, youtube-dl was not admitted to stable because it is subject to
changes, due to changes in YouTube itself. This was something the maker
of youtube-dl did not quite agree with.
But you can install it from jessie or download it from here and follow
the instructions: http://rg3.github.io/youtube-dl/download.html
AFAICS, the latter is just a script that you put into /usr/local/bin.

Youtube-dl works when downloadhelper doesn't. It's a piece of cake to install into /usr/local/bin and it updates itself when you run youtube-dl -U

Youtube does various things to thwart such download scripts and the devel at youtube-dl has fixes within a day or so. Great effort for such a little piece of code. Ric

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