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Re (2): HTML5 => png or HTML5 => jpg.

From:	"Weaver" <weaver@riseup.net>
Date:	Tue, 8 Jul 2014 22:28:35 -0700
> ... what's wrong with just getting a screengrab,
> then trimming it through the 'tolls' menu in GIMP. Then save it in your
> preferred format.

For one or two pixel maps, yes.  In fact "gimp > File > Create 
> From Webpage" opens the document without using a browser.

I might have explaned more about the requirement.  There is 
one HTML5 document.  From this, 14 pixel maps are created; 
then inserted back into the document.  Revisions of the 
primary document are expected.  If a revision affects the 
pixel maps they should be recreated and inserted again into 
the document.  So I want the process of creating and 
inserting pixel maps to be as automated as possible.  
Ideally it should be done by execution of just one script. 
Certainly creation of the pixel maps should be automated. 
Not sure I'll automate the insertion.

In case anyone is interested, the incomplete document is 
visible.  http://easthope.ca/Category2.html

Regards,              ... Peter E.

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