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Circular dependency.

Hi there,

I have no use for Java on a headless file server, and for some reason
every time I upgrade anything on one particular system (using apt) the
tool whines about certain Java packages being 'kept back'.  I have
little idea why they were installed on the system in the first place,
still less why they were being 'kept back' - whatever that's supposed
to mean.

Many times I have tried to uninstall the offending packages, but apt
refuses to simply uninstall them - it insists on installing about a
dozen other packages to replace the ones I'm trying to get rid of (and
I don't want those fackages either).  So today I got the bit between
my teeth and decided once and for all to get rid of openjdk-6-jre and
if necessary anything else that had to be deleted in order to get rid
of it once and for all.

I found that the problem appeared to be a circular dependency.  When I
removed all the packages in the dependency loop in a single operation
things went much more smoothly.

dpkg -B -r libaccess-bridge-java-jni libaccess-bridge-java openjdk-6-jre

Debian is commended for how easy it has made it to install packages.
It would be commended still more if it were as easy to remove them.



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