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Re: building .debs with "+b1" on the end

On Mon, Jul 07, 2014 at 02:51:40PM -0400, Brian Sammon wrote:
> So I would have to install/learn "sbuild".
sbuild can be used to do it, but you don't need sbuild. I think
dpkg-buildpackage would be sufficient, but you'd ideally do it in a chroot of
some sort, which sbuild manages. Another tool to do similar is pbuilder.

> I was wrong, it turns out that binNMUs _do_ (usually) add a changelog entry,
> but it's a sort of ephemeral entry (e.g. the changelog entry for 2.12-1+b2
> won't show in the changelog for 2.12-2 because it doesn't go into the source
> package)

You're right: but not only will that entry not be in 2.12-2, it won't be in
2.12-3 either; it also doesn't show up on (e.g.) packages.debian.org (which
shows the changelog from the source package, not binary packages). So there are
few places it *does* show up.

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