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Re: How to make preseed.cfg available in no-internet install?

On Sun 06 Jul 2014 at 20:19:27 -0400, Kynn Jones wrote:

> Your recipe worked like gangbusters.  And it taught me a lot too.  Thanks a
> lot!

Splendid. Thank *you* for the testing and the feedback.

Just to add a thing or two. You may decide to have a choice of ISOs; the
ones with xfce, gnome, kde for example. So you copy those to the
existing partition. Unfortunately this will not work because the focus
of iso-scan (from its postinst) is on

   # iso-scan is divided in following stages:
   # 1  : get list of devices (no debconf question)
   # 2/3: select a device (or all detected ones)
   # 4/5: parse selected devices looking for Debian ISOs and let choose one

The "let choose one" part cannot be preseeded and with the present setup
the first ISO which is found will be used.

Not to worry. Make another two partitions and put an ISO on each of
them. Get the UUID's (UUID-2, UUID-3) of the new partitions and construct
two more grub stanzas. They will only differ from the original one by




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