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Re: How to make preseed.cfg available in no-internet install?

On Sat 05 Jul 2014 at 11:01:34 -0700, Kynn Jones wrote:

> > On 07/04/2014 05:07 PM, Brian wrote:
> >
> > ...What I read him as saying he
> > wants to do is to have the preseed file on a separate (writable)
> > device, probably a USB stick, and have it be automatically accessed
> > from the unchanging boot media.

I didn't write that, The Wanderer did. It seemed to me a reasonable

> Yes!  That's exactly it.
> I already know one way to do it (which I described in my first post),
> but it is laborious and error-prone.

One extra step after booting d-i! But it can be avoided.

> Basically, I'm looking for a convenient way to tell the Debian
> installer:
>   1. mount /dev/sdb1 (with -t vfat), and look for a preseeds file
>   called preseed.cfg at the root directory of the mounted volume;

It can be done but not with a netinst image or CD-1. The method is
outlined in this thread. Please ask for details if anything is unclear.

>   2. use the settings priority=critical auto=true

Is "auto=true" an absolute requirement? Why?

> (I think that one can do (2) through directives in preseed.cfg, but
> I'm not sure.  If true, then it all reduces to (1).)

You can't.

> The boot media does not have to be CD, but I strongly prefer it.  It's
> somewhat superstitious of me, I suppose, but I like the assurance that
> it has not been modified, either by me or anybody else.

> In addition, I figure that any method that works when the boot media
> is CD will also work when the boot media is a USB stick, but the
> converse does not necessarily hold.  Therefore, a method that works
> when booting from CD is bound to be more flexible.

The converse had better be true.

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