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Re: simple database solution without root access

On Sunday, July 06, 2014 01:21:31 AM kamaraju kusumanchi wrote:
> I have some data in text format organized as follows
> field_1,field_2,field_3,...,field_9
> val_1_1,val_1_2,val_1_3,...,val_1_9
> val_2_1,val_2_2,val_2_3,...,val_2_9
> ...
> val_100_1,val_100_2,val_100_3,...,val_100_9
> I want to do database (sql) like operations on this data. For example,
> ...
> Any ideas, pointers to existing code (perl scripts?) are much appreciated.

Google "perl dbi". DBI provides an interface that allows you to use SQL with 
just about *anything*, from RDBMSes, to CSV files, to Windows system files, to 
plain text files, to perl memory structures. It wouldn't surprise me if there 
was an interface (DBD) to packet capture logs.

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