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Re: Advice needed re TV internet media machine.

On Saturday 05 July 2014 18:45:50 Brian wrote:
> On Sat 05 Jul 2014 at 17:51:32 +0100, Lisi Reisz wrote:
> > On Saturday 05 July 2014 17:30:19 Joe wrote:
> > > Joel mentioned the Raspberry Pi, which is a very low-power [ARM]
> > > device, which does the UK catchup channels pretty well, apart from the
> > > occasional glitch when a provider thoughtlessly changes his protocol.
> >
> > Not for me it doesn't.  And I was told that I was asking too much of it. 
> > I simply couldn't get it to stream.  It would start, and then the stream
> > would cut out.  That was my first door-stop!
> >
> > I'll look at a Humax.
> >
> > Any other ideas?
> You, of course, have the box in front of you and have experience of it
> but its hardware appears sufficient for what you want to do. Streams
> cutting out can be a function of many things: bandwidth, ISP, content
> provider, software glitches (you'll likely be using flash) etc. My own
> self-built media center is nowhere near the hardware capabilities of
> your device but copes with streaming the iplayer content (not with
> flash) well.
> Reviews of the hardware+software combination are very good so I'd
> encourage you to persevere before jumping for something else. 

Oh, yes.  There is nothing wrong with the hardware/software.  It just doesn't 
do what I want.  It isn't supposed to.  My fault.  I didn't do my homework 
well enough.  Hence why I am doing so now - or trying to!

You can install an add-on called "TVCatchUp with EPG"
Unfortunately this add-on seems to only give you live TV. I haven't yet worked 
out why it's called "TVCatchup."
There are rudimentary versions of iPlayer, ITV Player, and 4oD available for 
XBMC. Demand 5 is "broken" at the moment following an update to Channel 5's 
website. None of these give as much content as the PC version in my 

The Humax too isn't really for Internet streaming.  It only claims to do BBC 

> If you  do decide to get rid of it (discounts for -user 
>members?) ........ :)

Of course!!  It's a nice piece of hardware/software.  If I had any other media 
to serve I'd be delighted with it.  But the Linux is very cut down and it can 
only do what it can do!

Loads of people have streaming Internet.  It must be possible.  And yes, once 
I hace a box that is adequate, I may need to do something with my network.


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