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Advice needed re TV internet media machine.

Having just bought myself another doorstop (except that this one is too light 
even to stop a door) in the form of: 
I am doing what I should have done in the first place and asking for advice.

I want to be able to stream media from the internet.  My vicissitudes have 
convinced me that it will have to be a computer that I use, and I would, of 
course, like to use Debian, though I may have to consider LMDE.  But I don't 
want to buy another brick, and I am not sure exactly what I will need (hence 
my trying and failing to buy a dedicated machine).

What is the minimum oomf I will need?  I have an old netbook, but it can't 
handle streaming from the TV channels, so I obviously need a bit of power.  
My desktop can do it, but I want to go on using my desktop as a desktop!  If 
it is to be a media machine, it might perhaps be able to play DVDs and even 
record off air, but the important thing is streaming back TV programmes and 
Amazon Prime.  I don't mind a series of separate machines, each doing one 
thing and doing it well.  Unix anyone???  This machine is for streaming from 
the internet.

Quiet wouldn't hurt, but is not essential.

I am in the UK, which is obviously relevant.

I would be very grateful for suggestions.


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