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Re: ntp problem

thanks for all your replies (although some are rather contradictory)

1> Very few chances, as this kinda battery can save its load for
1> at least 10 years (except if you had very long periods without
1> pluging your computer).

2> I've never seen one that lasted for 10 years, and I've had to replace
2> several CR2032 lithium cells on motherboards that were ~5 years old.

Acording my own experience, I'll vote for 1. I managed about 100 machines
for more than 10 years, and never had to replace a battery, but may-be
it depends on the quality of the battery and motherboard.
Measuring the battery voltage should give me the answer for my configuration.
Still remains the un-answered question:
what can be the cause of this time problem after 5 years of good working,
and no configuration change?.

Anyway, I was able to fix it, using the recommendations in the hwclock and adjtimes mans .cf sections

   The Adjust Function
   Automatic Hardware Clock Synchronization By the Kernel

2 days after the last reboot, (ntp not running), the Hardware clock drift
was about 1 second, and the System clock about 2 seconds  After starting
ntp, the System clock got imediatly the exact time (checked with a radio
controlled watch) .

best regards,
Pierre Frenkiel

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