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Re: ntp problem

On Tue, 01 Jul 2014, Pierre Frenkiel wrote:
> Measuring the battery voltage should give me the answer for my
> configuration.  Still remains the un-answered question: what can be the
> cause of this time problem after 5 years of good working, and no
> configuration change?.

For a PC RTC?  Damaged electronics, or bad battery.

The electronic components related to the RTC age very well (chipset, ceramic
capacitors, quartz crystal, schottky diodes).

The crystal is easy to damage during motherboard repair work, though (it is
sensitive to heating).

> 2 days after the last reboot, (ntp not running), the Hardware clock drift
> was about 1 second, and the System clock about 2 seconds  After starting
> ntp, the System clock got imediatly the exact time (checked with a radio
> controlled watch) .

Well, 1s/day is the error margin for the crap that passes for a PeeCee RTC.
I'd say you've it as well compensated as it is pratical.

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