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Re: rsync of mtp://[usb:001,012]/ ?

>>>>> "SK" == Sharon Kimble <boudiccas@skimble.plus.com> writes:

SK> 32-bit, which is why I chose the "go-mtpfs.x86" version.


I've seen a lot of misunderstandings recently between 32 bit and 64 bit.

If the problem with their precompiled binary is dueto kernel differences
between what you run and what they ran when the compilation was done,
compiling it yourself should avoid that.

OTOH, if the diference is between the kernel you run and the kernel they
targetted when writing the code you may still be out of luck.

The instruction in the README, as shown on the project's main github
page, look simple enough -- and look targeted at debian -- that it
should be quick and simple to try a local compilation.

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