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X appears to get the wrong resolution

Hi all,

My old box with Xubuntu, running the dwm window manager via lightdm, got
the right resolution when X started. My new box, with Debian, running
dwm via startx, starts with a resolution of 1980x1200 instead of
1920x1080, resulting in either the top or the bottom of every window
going offscreen. It's not a showstopper because after starting x, I can
use lxrandr to change the resolution to 1920x1080, the correct
resolution. It's merely a minor annoyance I'd like to fix or work
around. Here are the facts:

Debian 7.5 64bit
dwm via startx
Lspci shows the video card as http://paste.debian.net/107306/
xrandr shows http://paste.debian.net/107309/ with error saying
    "Failed to get size of gamma for output default". This output was
    after I'd already used lxrandr to set change from 1920x1200 to
My ~/.Xresources contains Failed to get size of gamma for output
     Xft.dpi: 132
If I have an xorg.conf file, I can't find it.

My hopes are either to make it pop up as 1920x1080, or to find a way to
strongarm it to 1920x1080 within my .xinitrc.

If not, I'll just adjust it on every X instantiation.

Anyone have any ideas?



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