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Re: Can't install Debian - USB keyboard doesn't turn on until Windows loads

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On Sat, Jun 28, 2014 at 01:26:19AM -0600, Kitty Cat wrote:
> OK. I managed to get Debian installed. Here is what I did:
> I had previously installed the Debian installer stuff from the DVD into the
> Windows bootloader. However, since my keyboard didn't work I couldn't tell
> the computer to start the Debian installer from the Windows bootloader
> menu, so I only had the option of starting Windows. I had the same problem
> with booting the Debian DVD directly. My USB keyboard was not working yet,
> so I could not start the installer.
> So, after some thinking, I found this free program for managing the Windows
> bootloader:
> https://neosmart.net/EasyBCD/
> In Windows, I used the program to change the default from Windows loading
> to loading the Debian installer.

Good thinking!

> I rebooted. As soon as the installer loaded, I was able to use my USB
> keyboard to install Debian.

Ahh!, so it is OK once running.

> However, I will still have the same problem in the future if I need to
> reinstall Debian. Plus, I cannot get into CMOS while my keyboard is not
> working during boot.

You should not ever have to reinstall Debian on this machine again. One
of the beauties of Debian is that it is only an upgrade away to the next

Ahh, I see you have said, "... if I *need* to reinstall ...", in that
case you will refer to your notes. :-) 

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oppressing." --- Malcolm X

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