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Re: Can't install Debian - USB keyboard doesn't turn on until Windows loads

On Fri, 27 Jun 2014 20:12:11 -0600
Kitty Cat <realizar.la.paz@gmail.com> wrote:

> I can't install Debian. The USB keyboard doesn't turn on until Windows
> loads.

OK. So do the early stage of the install from Windows.


You might also want to complain to your PC manufacurer.

> I bought a used MPC computer that only has USB ports -- No PS/2 ports.
> The machine currently has Windows installed.
> When installing Debian, it is required to press a button during the
> boot sequence in order to load a kernel.
> I have tried numerous times to install Debian, but since the keyboard
> doesn't turn on until Windows loads I can't press any buttons during
> boot. I have also never been able to get into CMOS for the same
> reason.
> I installed the Debian install into the Windows bootloader from the
> DVD and also booted the DVD directly. I must press a key during boot
> to activate.
> Is it my keyboard maybe or the mobo that is causing the problem?
> My Keyboard is AZZA brand, model KME381U
> Mobo is "INTEL DESKTOP BOARD" and "E210882"
> Computer is an "MPC CLIENTPRO 385"

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