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Virtualized desktop


I'm looking to renew my hardware and I'm wondering how Debian can help
me to virtualize my desktop environment.

My first go was to have 2 Intel NUC and 2 screens, one NUC more stable
and one I can play with. I want to use both screens with both
computers so this implies to also have two KVMs.

Then came the idea to virtualize everything. Make both computers a
hypervisor cluster (using Xen or KVM) and run all systems virtualized.
But at which point can this be done for desktop system?

Here are some points I'm blocking with:

1. I want two screens and be able take make each VM to use one (left
or right) or both screens. Maybe by pressing some keyboard shortcuts.

2. I want mouse a keyboard to be moved to the VM of my choice or
dedicated to one VM and use Synergy [1] for the others.

3. I will have somewhere a Windows VM so good support is needed.

4. What about the graphics? Can I still make use of Blender for
example? How the graphic card shared between each VM?

5. I'd like to make both hypervisor work together. Can I use the local
drive of each computer to ensure migration and folder sharing?

I see many advantages which this setup:

1. I can freely test, new VM and we are done.
2. I can make a snapshot at any time just in case and go back if my
system crashes.

And some drawbacks:

1. I will never have full performance of my hardware.

Is it for you something that can be done or no way?

[1] http://synergy-project.org/

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