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Re: Does LXDE really require lightdm?

22.06.2014, 02:31, "Steve Litt" <slitt@troubleshooters.com>:
> Hi all,
> I installed LXDE on a no-X, no-desktop virgin network Wheezy 64bit
> install with non-free software allowed, and on the next boot it went
> into lightdm. The only thing I could find that installed and required
> lightdm was LXDE. I uninstalled LXDE, installed Xfce, installed
> whatever bestows startx, and bang, X from the CLI command line, no *dm
> needed.
> 1) Am I correct that Debian's LXDE package installs lightdm?
> 2) Does that come from the LXDE project, or is it a Debian thing?
> 3) Is there a way to turn off LXDE's install of lightdm?
> The whole reason I'm switching from Xubuntu to Debian is to get away
> from both Plymouth and *dm. Fortunately, I find LXDE desireable, but no
> way do I find it necessary.

I am sure it is just a recommends, so install it without:

*apt-get install --no-install-recommends <package>*

Also, *lxde* is a metapackage. Meta packages usually come with a ton of recommended packages by Debian to facilitate installs for the user, you can even switch it off in apt for all packages you want to install. 

David Dusanic

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