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Re: cryptsetup problem

On 8/06/2014 8:53 AM, Bzzz wrote:
> I'd say before these changes (it doesn't mention them),
> thus, at least /dev/random might be cleared from these
> flaws, which makes it quite a good candidate for crypto
> (on the condition that random sources often run on the
> machine, ie: web radio & DVB dongle).

Okay, that means there is a great excuse for a Myth-TV box give us some
video and fix our /dev/random at the same time ... ;-)

Every minute of every day, there are hours of video uploaded to YouTube,
just getting junk from a video should help entropy and randomness, but
you are relying on an external service.  I guess if you have DAB or DVB,
then it would be feasible to black out the signals too or override an
unknown random signal with a generated one for the purpose of breaking
your RNG -- this is bordering on the insane though.


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