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Re: cryptsetup problem

On 06/02/2014 03:16 PM Andrew McGlashan wrote:
Thank you Darac for your input.

Here's an update on what I'm doing now.

I caused the RAID1 mirrors to complete the sync in a dropbear boot

Now I'm writing /dev/zero to the crypt mounted volumes.  No changes yet
to the form of the command, but if I see troubles, then I'll consider
dropping block size and use cat as you suggest.

There is a long way to go before the /dev/zero writing will be done, I'm
going to get some sleep soon and check it later.

Kind Regards

Are you aware of FOSS 'wipe'?


       Other file wiping utilities

       There are several other file wipers available.

       Another "wipe" by Berke Durak <durakb@crit2.univ-montp2.fr>

       Colin Plumb’s <colin@nyx.net> sterilize.

Todd Burgess’s <tburgess@eddie.cis.uoguelph.ca> srm is available on
       sunsite/metalab in


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