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Re: cryptsetup problem

On 6/06/2014 10:11 PM, Andrew McGlashan wrote:
> On 6/06/2014 12:08 AM, Andrew McGlashan wrote:
>> The above script worked fine .... for around 45 minutes.
> Okay, another update.

Sadly I've got a non-responsive server once again :(

It almost completed the task on the first crypt device:

DD_PID: 3622
dd,3622 if=/dev/zero of=/dev/mapper/md1_crypt bs=128M
Saturday 7 June  14:09:36 EST 2014
27533+9 records in
27533+9 records out
3696161898496 bytes (3.7 TB) copied, 69967.8 s, 52.8 MB/s

This is from the RAID1 (mdadm -D) details:
     Array Size : 3883658048 (3703.75 GiB 3976.87 GB)

   To shut down the system after a really bad kernel panic,
   do the following:

       (sends TERM-signal, processes can shutdown properly
        (e.g. save data))
      [not enabled]

     Alt+SysRQ+u (a sync will be done when unmounting anyway)

      (for the processes that didn't listen for the TERM signal,
       this is a kill -9 process)
     [not enabled]

    Alt+SysRQ+b (reboot).

After the reboot, I cannot find anything interesting in any logs, no
hanging message, nothing.


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