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Re: cryptsetup problem

Andrew McGlashan wrote:
> [ 3839.679711] INFO: task kworker/3:3:392 blocked for more than 120 seconds.

This message and the ones that follow seem the most concerning to me.

First, I don't know.  If I were having those messages I would suspect
that my hardware was having problems.  Or that the kernel was not
driving the hardware correctly.  A bad kernel driver could do this.

I would do various things to convince myself that the hardware was
okay.  I would try booting different kernels including older kernels.
A lot of hardware support that used to be reliable has been rewritten
in recent kernels.  Moving back to an older kernel may be a better
match for your hardware.

I once had a system that threw similar errors and I eventually found a
combination that avoided the problem.  In my case it was somehow
related to using XFS.  I have otherwise used XFS quite happily for
years on other systems so this is not a ding against XFS but against
some combination on my system that was not happy.  Hopefully you will
be able to find a way to avoid whatever combination is prickling you
too.  Are you using XFS on your system?  If so then try using a
different file system type.

Good luck,

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