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Re: cryptsetup problem

On 4/06/2014 6:17 AM, Bob Proulx wrote:
> Andrew McGlashan wrote:
>> [ 3839.679711] INFO: task kworker/3:3:392 blocked for more than 120 seconds.
> This message and the ones that follow seem the most concerning to me.
> First, I don't know.  If I were having those messages I would suspect
> that my hardware was having problems.  Or that the kernel was not
> driving the hardware correctly.  A bad kernel driver could do this.
> I would do various things to convince myself that the hardware was
> okay.  I would try booting different kernels including older kernels.
> A lot of hardware support that used to be reliable has been rewritten
> in recent kernels.  Moving back to an older kernel may be a better
> match for your hardware.
> I once had a system that threw similar errors and I eventually found a
> combination that avoided the problem.  In my case it was somehow
> related to using XFS.  I have otherwise used XFS quite happily for
> years on other systems so this is not a ding against XFS but against
> some combination on my system that was not happy.  Hopefully you will
> be able to find a way to avoid whatever combination is prickling you
> too.  Are you using XFS on your system?  If so then try using a
> different file system type.

Okay, thanks.

This is pre file system, no XFS anywhere.

I'm not sure that pv isn't part of the problem, so I've adjusted to stop
using it.

Here's a simple bash script that will do the job for me, just started it
again -- been too busy to follow up before now.


function dd_progress()
	DD_PID=$(pidof dd)
	while [ ! -z "$DD_PID" ]
		echo "DD_PID: $DD_PID"
		pstree -alphG $DD_PID
		kill -USR1 $DD_PID
		if [ ! -z "$(pidof dd)" ];then sleep 300;fi
		DD_PID=$(pidof dd)

for crypt_vol in md1_crypt md2_crypt
	echo "zero.... $crypt_vol"
	dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/mapper/$crypt_vol bs=128M &
	echo -e " .... end $crypt_vol\n\n"

I am hoping that I won't be needing any special or different kernels for
this box -- it is a brand new N4800Eco unit (Thecus).  I have two in
fact, both are behaving the same way.  Hopefully I get one sorted then
use that knowledge for the other box.

Cheers A.

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