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Re: Sawfish and Openbox: was fastest linux distro

01.06.2014, 19:21, "Brian" <ad44@cityscape.co.uk>:
> On Sun 01 Jun 2014 at 13:09:11 -0400, Steve Litt wrote:
>>  On Sun, 01 Jun 2014 13:18:11 +0200
>>  David Dušanić <ivanovnegro@gmail.com> wrote:
>>>  I would make an .Xdefaults/.Xresources in your home folder with this
>>>  e.g.:
>>>  Xft.autohint: 0
>>>  Xft.antialias: 1
>>>  Xft.hinting: true
>>>  Xft.hintstyle: hintslight
>>>  Xft.dpi: 96
>>>  Xft.rgba: rgb
>>>  Xft.lcdfilter: lcddefault
>>  I added those to my ~/.Xdefaults, and whether I set Xft.dpi to 96, 48,
>>  or 192, it always looked the same, so I doubt that these things are
>>  being read or acted upon.
> Because Debian's X doesn't consult or read ~/.Xdefaults.

I use them with my WMs and it works unless I am missing something. Additionally I put my colors there for my terminals and whatnot. In any case I would then recommend to use .Xresources if this is the preferred method even though it makes no difference on the effect it has.  

David Dusanic

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