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Re: Sawfish and Openbox: was fastest linux distro

> You mention making an .Xdefaults/.Xresources in my home directory. Can
> I safely assume the slash meant either/or, rather than directory/file?
> I already had a .Xdefaults, but it was a config file, not a directory.

Yes, the slash meant either/or. Xdefaults is the older way of doing it, I still prefer it.

> Can I safely assume that if I change "Xft:dpi 96" to "Xft:dpi 48", my
> fonts are going to get noticibly bigger if this thing's working? That
> would be another test.

This line is for your dpi settings. On a laptop that is often 96 like in my case. I would try your real dpi settings here, not anything else because that can screw with the monitor. 
To test your dpi settings from the command line:

xdpyinfo | grep resolution

That will give you the value you need.

> Why did you set Xft:hintstyle to "hintlight" instead of "hintmassively"
> or whatever the hintiest setting could be?

I prefer it slight. Here you can test additionally with "hintfull" (very thin) and probably "hintmedium".

I think the Arch Wiki has a nice entry about it:


In any case you could also apply one thing more that was mentioned here to make fonts even better.
Making a .fonts.conf file in your home folder.

I think at this point I link you to my fonts how-to for Debian (Openbox).


Eventually I switched completely to Infinality and love it. 


David Dusanic

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